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New paper is now published.

~Separating natural and man-made pollutants in the air~
Japanese researchers show the major drop in atmospheric nitrogen oxide levels in 2020 in India was the result of the COVID-19 lockdown

Prakhar Misra who was a researcher on the Aakash project until June 2021 and the members of WG2 have published a new paper.
Please access it.(The RIHN 6/18/2021 Press Release

Nitrogen oxides concentration and emission change detection during COVID-19 restrictions in North India

Prakhar Misra, Masayuki Takigawa, Pradeep Khatri, Surendra K. Dhaka, A. P. Dimri, Kazuyo Yamaji, Mizuo Kajino, Wataru Takeuchi, Ryoichi Imasu, Kaho Nitta, Prabir K. Patra & Sachiko Hayashida

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