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Aakash Working Paper

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This Aakash working Paper series aims to share the initial findings and lessons learned from the research studies conducted by the Aakash project. By sharing new knowledge in a quickly prompt manner, we will be able to identify difficulties complexities and find develop solutions faster than if this was not done. In addition, by reporting covering detailed information and data that cannot be written presented in a general paper, it will be possible to open up create new areas of knowledge. We hope that the publication of this series will stimulate discussion among project members and facilitate communication with academic and general stakeholders outside the project.

No.1 / March 2022 published
Dr. Haruhisa ASADA(Nara Women’s University
Prof. Kamal VATTA (Punjab Agricultural University)

No.2 / March 2023 published (Abstract, figure, and caption in English)
Ms. Kun YU(Nara Women’s University
Prof. Kanako MURAMATSU(Nara Women’s University

No.3 / March 2023 published (Abstract, figure, and caption in English)
Dr. Rumiko MURAO (RIHN)
Prof. Sachiko HAYASHIDA (RIHN/Nara Women’s University)
Prof. Kamal VATTA (Punjab Agricultural University)

 Aakash Working Paper Editorial team

Chair of the editorial boardSachiko HAYASHIDA (RIHN, Leader of the Aakash project)
Editorial secretaryRumiko MURAO (RIHN)
Editorial board members
(in ABC order)
Haruhisa ASADA (Nara Women’s University, Faculty Division of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Mizuo KAJINO (Meteorologial Research Institute, Department of Atmosphere, Ocean, and Earth System Modeling Research)
Prabir K. Patra (The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Earth Surface System Research Center)
Shigeto SUDO (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences)
Kayo UEDA (Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Medicine)

Aakash project, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN)
457-4 Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-ku, Kyoto, 603-8047 JAPAN

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