Aakash project

The Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) is a national research institute established by the Government of Japan in 2001 and it is part of the National Institutes for the Humanities.

Research projects at RIHN are undertaken by interdisciplinary teams, partner institutions, and societal stakeholders in Japan and abroad.
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RIHN research is organized into Programs and Projects.
Aakash is a member of the projects under the Program 1: Societal transformation under environmental change.
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The Aakash project started as a Full Research in April, 2020 and will continue by the end of March 2025. This project is an cooperated project with Nara Women’s University.

Project Leader :
Sachiko Hayashida, PhD. Professor,
E-mail : sachikoh (at) chikyu.ac.jp

Researcher :
Prakhar Misra

Researcher :
MARUO Rumiko

Research Associate :
ARAKI Hikaru  

Research Associate :